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A California native born in San Francisco, Foegelle, received a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. After graduation, Foegelle moved to Southern California and spent five years in the eclectic environment of Venice Beach and the art studios of UCLA. Learning form such greats as Frank Stella and Tony Berlant, he was also influenced by the intensity of the Los Angeles culture on a beach community. The “Paint Combines”, an ad hoc exploration into the back alleys of Venice Beach, and “Faces/Fronts”, a series of caricatures and human scenarios, were realized in this environment. Restless and in need of a change, he relocated to Capistrano Beach in South Orange County to open his own Art and Architecture Studio. As well a being a practicing architect, he also felt the landscape brought promise of a new avenue of exploration and he produced a series of “other world” landscapes entitles “Terra Incognita”. Furthering his interest in landscapes, Foegelle traveled throughout Baja California for new content and sources of inspiration. Here the “Baja Landscapes”, a series of both conceptual and expressive landscapes were created. Also, the multivalent series “TEXTWORK”, the poignant collision of form and text, found fruition. He currently resides on Santana Row in San Jose, California and is principal of mfoegs, an architectural design firm, and runs an art studio with new releases including the “Backporch Landscapes”, “Work Stress” and “Lundi Gras”.


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