Mfoegs Art Work and Architecture



mfoegs/studio is an award winning architectural and consulting management firm specializing in K-12 and

university level educational facilities of various sizes and complexity. Established in 1996 by Michael Foegelle, the

firm has established thriving partnerships with other architectural design firms to focus principal level experience

through out the building development process. The firm has been a part of successful building projects in both

Southern and Northern California.


San José Office


Now located in San José, mfoegs/studio is working with design professionals, school districts, and state

universities in the Bay area. Led by Michael and employing a number of technical staffers, the firm delivers

valuable strategy and quality design to this culturally critical field of endeavor.




mfoegs/studio provides the following detailed services, which may be applied to all phases of the design/

construction process.

  • Preliminary program management
  • Architectural project management and team building
  • Construction administration
  • Quality assurance document review
  • Value engineering document review
  • Construction management
  • Owner/architect liaison to reviewing agencies


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