This series of work combines collage, painting and clothes to exemplify the nature of corporate culture and the environment in which it thrives. Concepts of work, play and perception of hierarchical structure are symbolically heightened to represent a system that perpetuates between the job and the worker.

Three Panties
18”W x 24”H
Oil, spray, lace panties on canvas

Casual Fridays
72”w x 48” h
Mixed Media, Denim Pants on Canvas

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Skirt CEO
(2) 48”w x 60”h diptych
Watercolor collage paper, spray, Armani suit on canvas

Women in the work environment are common. However, women in positions of corporate power are a little more unique. The Armani suit is twisted and turned to show the Woman in charge and wearing the pants. The "collective" sports jacket is stretched in adoration or homage at the base of the icon that is the pant-suit.

Cube Farm
24”w x 180”h
Stretched socks, acrylic, stencil over wood frame

Dress Shirts
(2) 24”w x 36”h
Watercolor collage paper, spray, cotton shirts on masonite

Product Placement
24”w x 30”h
Photos, CD cover, plastic marilyn on canvas

Service Rep
30”w x 72”h diptych
Mixed media on canvas

A great deal of stress comes through interpersonal communications. Whether to praise or curse, or even to lodge a complaint. Keeping customers happy can tear a person up inside as shown by the collage over the front of the white stretched shirt. This shirt is set into a view of the road ahead and the distance still to go to the next client.

Sex & Violence
(5) 18”w x 24”h
Mixed media on canvas

Shirt Sleeve
12”W x 18”H
Cut paper collage, shirt sleeve, gesso, on canvas

Tiptoe Thru the Board Room
48”W x 120” H diptych
Oil, Spray, Hugo Boss suit
On Canvas

The Boardroom is a dangerous place. Always a politically charged arena. The power Hugo Boss suit speaks a cult of management and the power to make decisions for the collective. The figure is looking two ways at once- a much needed skill ( or is it two-faced) in that environment. The pants are set against a tabletop where a "w" is a board member watching the show.

1990, 2004
18”w x 24”h
Underwear, sock, cut canvas on wood frame

Unemployed Cowboy
14”w x 24”h
Duffle bag wrapped easel w/light

Valley Floor
24”w x 12”h
Cut paper collage, oil, gesso, spray on canvas

Women’s Work
18”W x 30”H
Pastel, Watercolor,
Panties on I—Board